Why registering dot CASINO?


dot casino domainMany people might ask themselves: Why should we bother to register a domain name like dot casino? After all, the question is valid – especially since each domain cost around 150 USD a year. Let’s first evaluate what might happen, in the worst case, if you don’t register your own brand under dot casino.

Risks associated with not registering your brand
If you’re not prepared to register your own brand under .CASINO, the name will always be open for cyber squatters and competitors, among many other types of domain registrants. In the worst case, you own brand might end up as an adult site or a low quality site. Even worse, a competitor might grab it and use it in some annoying way. In the end, you will look stupid.

Not reputable yet – but what in 3 years from now?
The domain extension .casino is not very reputable at the moment. Only around 3000 .casino domains have been registered to date, according to ntldStats. However, considering the highly saturated market for .com domains, many are forced to settle for awkward or long domain names. Why not go generic with a twist instead? When using .CASINO, your target market will instantly understand what you do.

Who is the .CASINO domains meant for?
While all kinds of gambling related businesses can use this extension, especially the following types of businesses should watch out and be careful to register their brand name:

New online casino reviews
-Reputable online casinos
-Brick and mortar casinos
-Casino games
-Gambling related publications
-Casino reviews
-Casino clubs and associations
-Guides like nyacasino.nu
-Gambling companies in general

More info at the official site (eg. http://dotcasinodomain.com)