How to register a .CASINO domain?


Have you heard about the new .CASINO domain and would like to register a name? Well, there are many options to be honest. At the moment, 20 registrars offer DOT CASINO registration options. There are registrars such as GoDaddy to EuroDNS and 1&1. Some of our favourite registrars are listed below:

  • charge 149 USD for each .CASINO domain and offer secret whois services.
  • DomainDiscount24 charge 17.71 EUR per month or totally 212.52 EUR per year.
  • is currently the cheapest registrar for .CASINO domains with a price of 118.88 USD per year.
  • Godaddy take out 204 USD and is the second most expensive registrar for .CASINO domains of our preferred partners.

A full list of all dot CASINO registrars can be found here. If you like to see some cool developed short .UK domains, check out Affiliate Specialist.

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